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What is pub collector?


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Find, collect and review pubs and bars around the world.

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Using our automatic pub crawl planner or manually plan.

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Our purpose

Pub Collector was spawned out of our founders obsession with new pubs. Starting in 2011 Andrew and his good friend Dean would visit a new tube stop almost every Thursday for an impromptu bar crawl. After 8 years and 126 tube stops they had been to hundreds of London pubs, but unfortunately they didn’t log them and so the best pubs were easily forgotten among the mediocre.

Many pints later, Pub Collector was created to help people do what we couldn’t: easily see where and when you have visited pubs, review them and store your favourites.

We have also created multiple pub crawl features including the world’s first automatic pub crawl generator, just add start and finish locations and how many pubs you want to visit and voila! Away you go.

In addition to this, we wanted to make the app social. So you can follow friends activity in the pubs, see their favourites and when they are out and about in town.

Why did we create this app?
Mainly to test our skills and to see if we can create our own products, on time, at a low budget and at a high enough quality. After going way over budget on previous internal projects like Tona, we have iteratively got better at product management and releasing MVPs (See NHS Offers and RUle the roost here).

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